NEMP PCI Test System

· Conducted NEMP signal generation

· Standard : MIL-STD-188-125(PCI test)

NEMP Simulator

· Radiated NEMP Signal generation

· Standard : MIL-STD-461(RS105 test)

HPEM Simulator

· Radiated NNEMP(HPEM) generation

· Standard : IEC61000-4-36(IEMI test)


· Very powerful NNEMP(HPEM) generation

· Stop the electronic devices of used for malicious purposes

Lightning Test System

· Used to indirect lightning test of airborne equipment

· Standard : MIL-STD-461(CS117 test)

                      RTCA DO-160 Session 22

GNSS Simulator

· Real-Time GNSS(GPS· GLONASS) simulation

· Used to generate real-time GPS signals in GPS denined area