GPS Real-Time Simulator(Hellosat-GPSRT) is a device that generates real-time GPS signals transmitted from the GPS satellites to the ground.
Anytime and anywhere in real-time, it is possible to generate real GPS signals contained satellite condition information such as satellite time/position error and propagation path error due to atmospheric influence.
The Hellosat-GPSRT typically generates 8~10 channels GPS satellites L1 signals. This device can generate real GPS satellite signals repeatedly, indoors or in constrained environments where GPS reception is not possible.

A tradition GPS Simulators have been very expensive. Also, this GPS simulator create GPS signals by a computer generation model. This provides test repeatability, but the signal itself is different from the real GPS signal because it does not include GPS satellite status information that changes from time to time in real environment.

A typical test is cumbersome because it has to be done multiple times in a place where satellite conditions change from time to time. However, Hellosat-GPSRT can detect the error or reception problem of the GPS receiver without this hassle.
Because of these advantages, Hellosat-GPSRT saves a lot of time for users and allows to accurately detect and verify of GPS receiver errors without going to the field.